Arbitration & dispute Resolution

Our company is recognized for its Advocates and Legal Consultants holding International Certifications and accredited by both Arab and International Committees. Hence, they are most capable of representing our clients as members of Arbitration Panels and as Pleaders before such Panels too, due to their being in constant contact with Local and International Arbitration Centres. Furthermore, our keen interest in Arbitration derives from the fact that it is a fast means of settling disputes arising
between parties, particularly those requiring special expertise in the court to figure out the nature of the relevant dispute. Accordingly, we might advise our client to appoint a certified accountant, engineer or doctor as arbitrator, and then file the case and pleadings to the court or arbitration panel. This includes attending before them to explain the case in simple language, presenting all relevant supporting factual and legal evidence, and finally, executing the award passed by the Arbitration Panel & completing all necessary proceedings of ratification and execution of arbitration awards.