Jafza services

Business setup in JAFZA needs you to find a registered agent as a first step. As your registered agent in Jebel Ali Free Zone, we can help you in starting, setting up and running a business without any stress. Setting up business in Jebel Ali free zone needs a registered agent. The facilities available in JAFZA in the terms of infrastructure are amazing. As your agent we will ensure all the requirements are met for starting your business. You need to know all the potentialities of starting a business in Jebel Ali free zone. The procedures and liabilities related to tax, accounting, and auditing should be looked after by your agent “AA
legal group”. You also need a bank account for the financial transactions. As your registered agent we arrange for all the procedures through our expert professional legal business consultants. Yet another important activity is to arrange for the business premise as well business licenses. To be more specific, as your registered agent for JAFZA we assist in getting registered office for business. We also apply for the P.O. Box number. The other corporate documents required to be handled by us are Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, and other certificates. All the follow-up
services with the authorities for the trading licenses are also carried out by the us. While you register an offshore business in Jebel Ali, you get tax benefits. Starting a company in Jebel Ali has many benefits like 100% return on your profits, holding shares in free zone companies, and zero tax mechanism. As your registered agent we act as PRO for handling all the activities with the authorities and customers. With the services of the registered agents, it is easier to get administrative support. As your registered agent, we are responsible for many activities and that is advantageous for the offshore companies.


Our role and responsibilities are to:

  • Verify documents of the customers as per local regulations
  • Prepare the documents needed for incorporation of the company
  • Verify the identity of the customers
  • Present and provide the company’s documents to the customers when required
  • To protect the information of the companies and the customers
  • Handling the administration of the companies with applicable regulations
  • Filing changes in the company structure if any with the company’s registry in JAFZA.