Private notary services

AA legal group also provides Private Notary Services to ensure that the person who will sign the documents understands what they are signing on, what it constitutes, and what it is for without being forced to do so or being under duress. Nowadays, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), law firms are allowed to act as notaries as long as they are designated by the government itself.
This kind of service can now be provided to UAE-based individuals who need it. We are proud to be one of those
designated companies. We are entitled to notarize (power of attorney, general power of attorney, Memorandum of Association,
Amendment to Memorandum of Association, endorsement of signature, declaration of residency, sales and purchase agreement, and many more). The private notary services that we offer are regulated by the UAE authorities. We can have all notarized documents to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.